Heritage Vancouver DA Architects + Planners

Heritage Vancouver believes that heritage sites and community landmarks are tangible expressions of the past.   They contribute to the character, attractiveness and quality of life in our neighborhoods.  Creating a diverse and inspiring place to live through a thoughtful layering of new & old, physical & non-physical qualities is their goal.  Sense of place, public memory, and community connections are significant in sustaining the fabric of our city.


Click’s mission is to engage the community by raising funds for programs that support inner city kids so they can succeed.

Click is a community-based, non-profit foundation that was initiated to help inner city children and youth in Vancouver, BC.  Their objective is to raise awareness of the needs of inner city children and to raise funds for programs and services.  They believe they can be most helpful by supporting existing groups in the community who require funding for specific programs and projects.

Aga Khan Foundation Canada tackles the root causes of poverty through a holistic and interconnected set of programs.  These initiatives address people’s most pressing needs and enable them to unlock their full potential, with a particular focus on marginalized groups like women and girls.

The foundations programs aim to ensure access to high quality education and health care, ensure food security, improve economic well-being, and develop resilient communities and societies.



The Union Gospel Mission is a charitable organization located in the Metro Vancouver area and the City of Mission.  They provide meals, education, shelter, safe and affordable housing, drug and alcohol recovery programs, and support services to those struggling with homelessness and addiction.


The Greater Vancouver Food Bank was set up as a temporary relief to the hunger crisis in 1983 and has grown significantly in the three decades since then.  Today the GVFB provides assistance to around 8,500 individuals and families monthly across Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and the North Shore.