Ferry Building Restored in West Vancouver’s Ambleside


April 11, 2023



The restoration of historic buildings not only preserves their architectural heritage but also revitalizes the surrounding community. DA Architects + Planners has recently completed restoring the West Vancouver Ferry Building in Ambleside. Their careful attention to detail and commitment to bringing back the century-old original design and character of the building has breathed new life into this iconic landmark.

Preserving History

Built in 1913, the Ferry Building, once a bustling hub for commuters and travelers, had fallen into disrepair over the years. However, DA Architects + Planners recognized its historical significance and aimed to restore its original charm. Through extensive research and the help of heritage consultants, the architectural team delved into the building’s past, studying archival photographs and historical documents. This deep understanding of the Ferry Building’s original design and purpose formed the foundation for their meticulous restoration efforts.

Heritage Restoration & Attention to Detail

One of the defining features of DA Architects + Planners’ approach is their steady attention to detail. From the original colour to the window frames, every architectural element was rationally restored to its former glory. The architects diligently supervised every step of the construction, ensuring that the building’s historical accuracy was upheld. Moreover, DA Architects + Planners had seamlessly integrated additional facilities appearing to have always been part of the design: upgraded mechanical systems, public washrooms, and bringing back a functioning iconic clock to extend the longevity of the building’s life. These ensure that the Ferry Building not only is to appear timeless, but is to be timeless. The architects successfully captured the essence of the original design, transporting visitors back in time to the building’s heyday.

Community Impact

The revitalized Ferry Building has had a profound impact on the Ambleside community. Once again, the building serves as a focal point, attracting locals and tourists alike. Its rejuvenated interior now houses a vibrant marketplace, showcasing local businesses and artisans. The restored exterior, complete with its iconic clock tower, has become a visual symbol of the area’s heritage. Thanks to DA Architects + Planners’ dedication to reviving the building’s character, the Ferry Building has once again become a cherished gathering place for the community.

Continuing Commitment

DA Architects + Planners’ thorough approach to the restoration of the West Vancouver Ferry Building in Ambleside has successfully brought the original design and character back to life. By marrying historical accuracy with modern functionality, the building stands as a testament to the firm’s commitment to preserving architectural heritage and enriching the local community.

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