Banting Middle School

Studies by the Ministry of Education found that the existing old school was a high seismic hazard and educationally deficient with building systems past their service life.  Replacing the existing building was the most cost-effective method to mitigate the seismic risk.

The new 550 student school was designed to support “best practice” research and philosophy for a middle school education.  This includes clusters of team educational spaces, clear and prominent placement of the exploration areas, flexible learning spaces, and opportunities for socialisation in small and large gathering areas throughout the school.

The school is laid out in a logical and cost-effective two-storey arrangement.  The central atrium space assists in orienting students and serves as the social hub of the school.  The enlarged gymnasium, classroom clusters, and exploration areas radiate from this central space.  Natural light floods all the spaces to provide a comfortable sense of well-being and connection to nature.