General Gordon Elementary School

The public school is located in the Kitsilano neighbourhood of Vancouver and has a capacity of 400 elementary and 40 kindergarten students.  DA completed a Project Definition Report in 2011 after very extensive stakeholder, public and City engagement process. The study found that the existing 100-year old school was a very high seismic risk, containing building systems past their service life and educationally deficient. A replacement school option was selected.

The new school is arranged on three floors. The ground floor is dedicated to the communal spaces; Multipurpose Room, Gym, and Library and gathering areas. Through the NLC program a significant amount of floor area was added to the program to allow for enhanced community use during out-of-school hours. The Kindergarten cluster and a preschool component is also located on the ground floor. The second and third floor accommodates four Learning Communities. These Learning Communities are clusters of four classrooms arranged around a central commons area and small group rooms. These clearly illustrate the principles of  21st Century Learning.