Vancouver Community College

VCC’s new and upcoming computer technology program required a high tech and flexible learning space.  The development of the design was an exploratory effort, including stakeholders, Facilities, IT, A/V and department heads.  The renovation area, located in the lower level of the downtown campus, was challenged by the lack of exterior windows, as well as being close to noisy mechanical equipment.  DA provided a flexible high-tech learning environment that was desirable, lively and comfortable.

The result is a new concept space that is comprised of extensive glass writing surfaces, in-floor and in-wall power and data throughout, high NRC ceilings and acoustical separations, as well as a complete LED lighting upgrade.  The design challenges traditional classroom design with its functional glazed teaching wall that provides light transfer and connection between the adjacent brightly lit common areas, and offers an expansive opaque glass writing surface with power and data along the base for mobile large format screens.