Centreville Construction


Vancouver, BC




45,451 sm (489,230 sf)

This landmark tower complex located in Vancouver’s Yaletown comprises two high-rise housing towers, an eight-storey residential building, several townhouses and a famous restaurant. As the eastern terminus of the “high street” section of Pacific boulevard, Beatty Mews’ contemporary architecture and central water feature ties the development to False Creek and achieves a high degree of residential livability. By integrating the street and bridge geometry, the water views to the south, and a pedestrian walkway that winds through the site, it knits into the community as an important urban organizing visual element.

Beatty Mews

View of the townhomes and outdoor roof top place space.

Beatty Mews

View looking down into the courtyard space.

Beatty Mews

View of the outdoor roof top play space and residential tower.

Beatty Mews

View of one of the towers from the tip of the Big Leaf Pond.

Beatty Mews

Northeast view of two towers at Beatty Mews. The curved and planar façades emphasize each other qualities in expression.

Beatty Mews

Aerial view of the courtyard showcasing the Big Leaf Pond situated between the two towers and townhouses.