Camellia – The Gardens Featured Image

Camellia – The Gardens


Townline Gardens inc.


Richmond, BC




Rental Residential: 10,405 sm (112,000 sf) ㅤㅤRetail: 1,580 sm (17,007 sf)


Camellia is the third mixed-use building in ‘The Gardens’ development on the site of the former Fantasy Gardens in Richmond. This five-storey concrete and wood frame rental building contributes to the overall vision of creating a vibrant urban village. A mix of retail shops open onto a bike-friendly and pedestrian-scale community plaza.

The building form is strongly influenced by its context. It is flanked with a busy No. 5 Road to the west, neighbourhood shopping area to the south and the lush green landscaping of the community park to the northeast.

The clean geometric forms with inset balconies are highlighted with staggered coloured glass and a variety of exterior materials. The use of strong colour, pattern and the innovative use of simple cladding materials characterize this low-rise building. This visually distinct contemporary building complements the architectural character that is emerging within the new pedestrian oriented garden community.

Camellia - The Gardens

View of the Northeast corner of Camellia - The Gardens. The blue and red spandrels panels create a quilt-like pattern across the façade.

Camellia - The Gardens

View of the street-front retail on the southeast facing façade.

Camellia - The Gardens

View looking up along the blue spandrel balconies.

Camellia - The Gardens

A stroll on No.5 Road alongside Camellia. Planters and seating flank the path providing a space for a brief respite for passersby.

Camellia - The Gardens

The entrance is flanked by the smell of flowers while yellow spandrel panels mark the entrance.

Camellia - The Gardens

View of the main entrance to Camellia.

Camellia - The Gardens

A stroll by the water feature at Camellia - The Gardens.